Tuesday, March 1, 2011

design change

inspiration ...

just a bit of a spring redesign of the blog. nothing fancy. clean and airy like a farmhouse kitchen. i'd love that color in my farmhouse! white wood floors (soulemama got me started on that one).

i seem to be relatively uninspired to write these days. i'll be back with words, i promise.

guess what's popping up at school? crocus! and we planted radish seeds today. a humble beginning for gardening. for teacher, too.

here is the guy i've been furtively writing about ;-) long story, i'll tell it sometime! but ... he's really great. really. great. seriously.

i made homemade veggie burgers and fries last night. nothing to blog-photo about, but delicious! tonight was leftover homemade soup from Sundays at Moosewood (turkish spinach-lentil soup with bulgur) and leftover homemade quick herbed bread from 1,000 vegan recipes (i think). trying hard to eat at home. need to learn the art of snacks, though because going six hours between meals is not good for me!

yesterday ... i also went to the barber (you heard right) and got SIX inches trimmed off my hair. literally, a weight off! i love it. all the gals are seemin' to have short hair these days. again, i love it! now it remains to color bright red ...

like i said ... back soon with more words. forgive.


  1. Love the new blog design and glad you have a great man in your life :) Can't wait to see the hair!

  2. Yes, I want to see pics of your hair! Also happy for you & your new relationship; such sweet pictures of you guys.

  3. The new look is FANTASTIC! I love it & I love you. :) xoxo