Saturday, February 19, 2011

menu planning

yeah, i'm trying to do that again. in an effort to force myself back to eating at home 99 percent of the time and get back on that frugal path i seem to keep slipping from. why is it so hard to change our habits?

anyway, here's what i'm eating this week:

quinoa-beet salad with chard
peanutty-tofu roll-ups
sesame-soy breakfast spread on sesame bagels
oatmeal with fruit, nuts, flax seeds, and maple syrup
soy sausage scramble with hash browns
veggie pizza
slow-cooked black beans with white basmati rice accompanied by a raw spinach salad
turkish spinach and lentil soup
one night of takeout dinner

all homemade from scratch, of course (except the takeout). with some bits of chocolate wedged in, no doubt, and copious amounts of fresh fruit. i'm thinking if all goes as planned i will have leftovers every monday ...

also hoping my week will involve lots of rest, reading, knitting, general self-care, hiking, walks, and yoga. weather, please cooperate.

it's been good to be off the computer a lot more .... unplugged is how i choose to live life. leave the IPhones, blackberries, facebook, and earbuds behind, thank you very much. this includes when walking in nature. these things are just not necessary. why do we think they are? food for thought i guess, in a post about food.

i will try and post some pictures of my knitting soon. i finally finished a long in-progress scarf, and i'm now working on a similar project.

i am drinking tons of tea instead of decaf coffee. white tea in particular which is the most healthful of all teas. and peppermint, of course.

and working on letting go of all the stress that work can bring.

have a good week, loves. i'll be back in soon.

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  1. Great looking menu plan. I too had let menu planning fall by the wayside but since going mainly vegan I've found I've had to start planning and start shopping twice a week !!!