Tuesday, October 30, 2012

after sandy::30 october

just popping my head in to say we are fine! the storm did a lot of damage to our beach area, but the streets are driveable and we did not lose power, according to a neighbor. we will start driving back from NJ tomorrow. Taking one more day to rest and make the best of things. We never lost power here but an hour away in Atlantic City things were terrible. We are so very blessed. Today I'm washing laundry, took a long walk, fiance made me a yummy omelette, and going to work on some knitting for a long spot. Hopefully out for a nice dinner. It will certainly be nice to have a two-day workweek, though a bit hectic with PT conferences coming up.

Hope you and yours along the East Coast stayed safe yesterday.

Also, Happy Halloween! Trying to really hang on to some money so I will not be handing out candy to children this year (also have issues with the slave labor in the chocolate industry). Looks like I'll be celebrating that quietly.

Christmas ... well. The marketers are already at it. I'm trying to ignore all the store displays. That will be a quiet one this year, too. I just really don't believe in spending money on gifts for everyone anymore. I would like to do something charitable, and get a few practical things for John and our parents. (I like nice gifts of things like food and soap, locally-crafted things too) We have a wedding to plan. No idea where money for everything would come from, so we  pick and choose for what works best for us. Priorities, you know, starting a family and all? Yeah. Back in a bit ...



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