Sunday, October 28, 2012

battening down the hatches:: 28 October

Expecting major wind, rain, and flooding from Sandy here near the southernmost tip of Virginia. We are under voluntary evacuations but with nowhere but NJ or CT to go (and those areas expected to get hit worse), we are staying put. The center will pass us to the north, but we are two and a half blocks from the beach and the water was up to the bottom of our sand dunes already this morning.

It's expected to be calm here till 4 p.m. or so this afternoon, the wind has eerily gone silent for now.

We are just in nervous anticipation mode at this point. We have flashlights, candles, matches, water, weather radio, boots. We have coffee brewed to drink cold tomorrow and Tuesday, when the power will likely be out. School has been canceled for the near future. Our laundry is washed, our patio furniture is put away. We have extra blankets. We feel as ready as ready can be ....

Keep us in your thoughts. We are expecting that we will be fine but we just can't anticipate the damage from downed trees, power lines, and water. Our cars are parked on higher ground and we are hoping they will not be ruined by flood water.

catch you soon,


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