Monday, July 8, 2013

8 July :: simplifying further, and then some

I believe I've spoken briefly here about phasing out Facebook from my life (hopefully by summer's end!) as a gradual process. Well, I want to talk about doing something similar in blog land, namely ....

no. more. Soulemama.

of course, i do not mean this personally. in fact, i ooze oodles of warm fuzzies and dream the most romantic, happy dreams while browsing her page (though it has far less depth than in previous years, which i do miss). but you know what? i feel intimidated by hers, and blogs like hers. i want the untouched photos, the unromantic side of life, the sink full of dirty dishes and a floor that hasn't been swept in a month sometimes. i want to feel inspired to action, i want to know someone's struggle to get where they're going. i don't want to read "perfect life" blogs.

so. as soon as blogger lets me do it, I'm cutting down my righthand sidebar there to blogs which serve me, and not merely my imaginary, flyaway fancies. because i think you can have your cake and eat it, too, with blogs that are a bit more down to earth. this list will probably go through a couple revisions, but i love the idea of just jumping in and making a start.

do you ever want to simplify your blog reading lists? also means less time spent online, and while i love the internet, too much of anything, especially the internet, is a detriment to all i hope and dream to get done off of it.

blessings and light,

k ~ xo

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  1. Hi karen,
    long time. Altho i never hear from you, I have browsed your blog once in a while, and am glad you are happy. I liked the ASheville post, I am likely moving to NC in the fall, Ive already left Boston. It makes me a bit nervous to not be near NYC but im hoping its change for the good. Oh, and i had that same rainbow journal in one of the above pics!